Hamamatsu L12645 Photoionizer is an electrostatic remover using "photoionization" which is the clean ion generation method. The PhotoIonizer provides big advantages over the corona discharge method which is generally used. The PhotoIonizer thoroughly ionizes molecules near the charged object so these ions in turn work effectively to remove electrostatic charges accumulated on the object.


  • Dechucking of electrostatic chuck
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (vacuum process)
  • Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment
  • Organic EL manufacturing equipment
  • Hard disk manufacturing equipment
  • Film manufacturing equipment
  • Equipment utilizing electron beams (SEM, etc.)


  • No need for air flow,
  • High ion density,
  • No overshooting (generating static charges of opposite polarity),
  • No cleaning of electrodes required,
  • No ozone generation,
  • No dust particles and electromagnetic noise generation,
  • Compact size, Installs even in narrow spaces,
  • Worldwide compatible power supply,
  • External control,
  • CE marking compliance.





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