Hamamatsu PLP-10-155 Picosecond Light Pulser is an ultrashort pulsed light source that utilizes a laser diode (LD). It consists of a controller and a LD head. PLP-10 is ideal light source for measuring the response of a photodetector device, the characteristics of optical recording device or the Lifetime measurement. Optical output is selectable from a window output or FC connector output. The PLP head should be selected according to wavelength and output form and can be exchangeable with the controller C10196. It is necessary to adjust the PLP head for the controller.


  • Fluorescence lifetime measurements
  • Pulse response measurement of high-speed photodetectors
  • Evaluation of an optical recording medium
  • Photochemical reaction
  • Spectrum analysis


  • Ultrashort pulses 70 ps FWHM (typ.),
  • High-repetition frequency up to 100 MHz,
  • Stable output power and oscillation timing,
  • Built-in trigger delay.


Type number  PLP-10-155
Wavelength  1550 nm 
Wavelength tolerance  <±30 nm 
Spectral half-width  <20 nm 
Pulse width  max.100 ps
typ.70 ps 
Beam divergence angle* (typ.)  θ⊥25 deg
θ〃30 deg 
Peak Power (Window output)  typ.10 mW
min.5 mW 
Peak Power (FC connector output)  typ.5 mW
min.2 mW 
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