The Hi-Tech Lamps part number BAB/C/A/CG-U is a 20 watt (20W), 12 volt (12V) MR16 reflector halogen lamp made by Ushio. This lamp is made with an aluminum deposition coating to reduce heat emission out the back of the lamp. It is intended for enclosed or recessed fixtures where there is a risk of thermal damage to sockets and transformers. The aluminized coating also reduces the back spill of light through the rear of the reflector. Exterior colors are available to match a variety of fixture finishes. It combines an aluminum deposition with a high temperature aluminum coating on the reflector to prevent any back-spill of light and to reduce heat to the back of the lamp. This lamp has maximum overall length of 45mm (1.78in) and it has a cover glass. The average lifetime is 3500 hours. This lamp has a color temperature of 2950 Kelvin (2950K), and has an output of approximately 600 candelas (600cd). This lamp is also known as Ushio BAB/C/A/FG and 1000010.


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