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Hamamatsu L10290 UV-VIS fiber light source use a high-brightness deuterium lamp and a tungsten-halogen lamp housed in a small case, this light source outputs 200 to 1600 nm light through a light guide (sold separately). The output light intensity is about twice that of current models. Along with a compact size and light weight that makes it easy to carry, this light source is available with useful functions such as a shutter mechanism and external control to make it even easier to use. This new light source is also usable with various types of portable devices.


  • Spectrophotometry
  • Environmental Measurement
  • Absorption Spectrum Measurement
  • Micro Titer Plate Reader
  • Pharmaceutical Testing
  • Film Thickness Measurement
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Optical Component Inspection


  • High Output : Twice Intensity (Compared to conventional model)


  • High Stability : Fluctuation 0.004 %p-p(Typ.) (Equivalent to 2 x 10-5 A.U.)


  • Long Life Lamp : 2000 hours
  • External Control
  • Shutter Function
  • Filter Holder (Sold separately)




Spectral Distribution

200 nm to 1600 nm 1

Built-in Lamp

High Brightness Deuterium Lamp 9 W Tungsten Halogen Lamp 2


Fluctuation (Typ.)

0.004 % p-p (Equivalent to 2 ´ 10-5 A.U.)

Drift (Max.)

±0.3 %/h

Input Voltage (AC)

100 V to 240 V (100 V/200 V Auto Switching)Single Phase 50 Hz/60 Hz

Power Consumption (Max.)

140 VA


Approx. 4 kg

Light Guide Connector





External Control

Lamp ON/OFF 3

Shutter open/close

Status Signal for Lamp ON/OFF and Main Power ON/OFF


Main Unit Switch

Main Power ON/OFF

Lamp ON/OFF 3

Shutter open/close

Applicable Standard

CE Marking


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