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Hamamatsu L10951 Microfocus X-ray Source is developed specifically for X-ray non-destructive inspection. These X-ray sources use an X-ray tube with a small focal spot of several micro meter to 10 micro meter capable of producing a clear X-ray image even at a high magnification. The X-ray tube has an air cooled and hermetically sealed structure, and is integrated with its high voltage power supply for easy handling. (High voltage cables are not required.) When used with the X-ray image intensifire camera, X-ray fluoroscopic images can be obtained at even higher magnification. Various types of microfocus X-ray sources are available including the sealed-off types and the open types.


  • Non-destructive Inspection
  • X-ray CT
  • In-line X-ray Inspection


  • High Power: Maximum Output 50 W,
  • High Stability,
  • One package of a sealed type X-ray tube, a high-voltage power supply and a control function,
  • Fully operable from an external PC.




Tube Voltage 110 kV
Type Sealed Type
Tube Voltage Operational Range 40 to 110 kV
Maximum Output 50 W
X-ray Focal Spot Size 15 to 80 μm
X-ray Beam Angle (Coned) 62 degree
Focus to Object Distance (FOD) 16.8 mm
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