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Hamamatsu L2482 Super-Quiet Mercury Xenon Lamp has an output of 185 to 2000 nanometers with Fused Silica window material. Mercury-xenon lamps produce high radiant energy especially in the ultraviolet region due to an optimal mixture of mercury and xenon gas. These lamps possess features of both xenon gas and mercury discharge lamps. The spectral distribution includes a continuous spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to infrared of the xenon gas and strong mercury line spectra in the ultraviolet to visible region. Compared to xenon lamps, the radiant spectrum in the ultraviolet region of mercury-xenon lamps is sharper in width and its peak is higher in intensity. These features make mercury-xenon lamps ideal as ultraviolet light sources. 


  • Wafer inspection system
  • Semiconductor photolithographic equipment
  • Fluorescent microscopy
  • Blood analyzer
  • UV irradiation equipment, etc.


  • 150 W,
  • High stability
    • Fluctuation (p-p) 0.5 % Typ. 2.0 % Max.
    • Drift  ±0.5 %/h Typ.
  • Spectral distribution : 185 nm to 2000 nm,


  • Strong line spectra from the ultraviolet to the visible region,
  • Includes both the radiation spectrum of xenon lamps and mercury line spectra
  • High performance "BI(Barium-Impregnated) cathode.



Product Name Mercury-xenon Lamp
Lamp Rating 150 W
Arc Length 1.7 mm
Lamp Current 7.5 +/- 0.5 A
Lamp Voltage 20 V
Window Material Fused Silica
Spectral Distribution (Short) 185 nm
Spectral Distribution (Long) 2000 nm
Light Output Stability Drift Typ. +/- 0.5 %/h
Light Output Stability Fluctuation (p-p) Max. 2 %
Guaranteed Operation Life 1000 h
Average Life 2000 h
Orientation Vertical +/-15 or Horizontal +/-15 degree
Cooling Method Convection Cooling
Supply Voltage Min. 65 V dc
Trigger Voltage 20 kV
Weight 43 g
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