We offer Hollow Cathode lamps from both Heraeus Noblelight and Hamamatsu. By offering both product lines, our customers can decide which lamp design and materials will work best in their applications. 

The most common variation is the envelop glass. The envelope material will affect spectral transmittance, primarily varying in the UV region.




Another typical variation is the fill gas, which will affect the background spectral radiation.  This can usually be modified at customer request, but the manufacturer's standard fill gas is listed. 

Element Symbol Principal Wavelength (nm) Hamamatsu (38mm) Fill Gas Window Heraeus (37mm) Heraeus (50mm) Fill Gas Window
Silver Ag 328.1 L233-47NB Neon Borosilicate 3UAX/Ag 5UA/Ag Argon UV glass
Aluminum Al 309.3 L233-13NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Al 5UN/Al Neon UV glass
Arsenic As 193.7 L233-33NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/As 5QN/As Neon Quartz
Gold Au 242.8 L233-79NQ Neon Quartz 3UNX/Au 5UN/Au Neon UV glass
Boron B 249.8 L233-5NQ Neon Quartz 3UNX/B 5UN/B Neon UV glass
Barium Ba 553.5 L233-56NB Neon Borosilicate 3BAX/Ba 5BA/Ba Argon Borosilicate
Beryllium Be 234.9 L233-4NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Be 5QN/Be Neon Quartz
Bismuth Bi 223.1 L233-83NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Bi 5QN/Bi Neon Quartz
Calcium Ca 422.7 L233-20NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Ca 5UN/Ca Neon UV glass
Cadmium Cd 228.8 L233-48NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Cd 5QN/Cd Neon Quartz
Cerium Ce 520 n/a     3UNX/Ce 5UN/Ce Neon UV glass
Cobalt Co 240.7 L233-27NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Co 5UN/Co Neon UV glass
Chromium Cr 357.9 L233-24NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Cr 5UN/Cr Neon UV glass
Cesium Cs 852.1 L233-55NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Cs 5BN/Cs Neon Borosilicate
Copper Cu 324.8 L233-29NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Cu 5UN/Cu Neon UV glass
Deuterium D2 240 L233-1DQ Deuterium Quartz n/a n/a    
Dysprosium Dy 421.2 L233-66NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Dy 5BN/Dy Neon Borosilicate
Erbium Er 400.8 L233-68NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Er 5BN/Er Neon Borosilicate
Europium Eu 459.4 L233-63NB Neon Borosilicate 3BAX/Eu 5BA/Eu Argon Borosilicate
Iron Fe 248.3 L233-26NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Fe 5UN/Fe Neon UV glass
Gallium Ga 287.4 L233-31NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Ga 5UN/Ga Neon UV glass
Gadolinium Gd 368.4 L233-64NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Gd 5UN/Gd Neon UV glass
Germanium Ge 265.2 L233-32NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Ge 5UN/Ge Neon UV glass
Hafnium Hf 307.3 L233-72NU Neon UV glass 3UAX/Hf 5UN/Hf Argon UV glass
Mercury Hg 253.6 L233-80NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Hg 5UN/Hg Neon UV glass
Holmium Ho 410.4 L233-67NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Ho 5BN/Ho Neon Borosilicate
Indium In 303.9 L233-49NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/In 5UN/In Neon UV glass
Iridium Ir 208.9 L233-77NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Ir 5QN/Ir Neon Quartz
Potassium K 766.5 L233-19NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/K 5BN/K Neon Borosilicate
Lanthanum La 550.1 L233-57NB Neon Borosilicate 3UAX/La 5UA/La Argon UV glass
Lithium Li 670.8 L233-3NB Neon Borosilicate 3BAX/Li 5BA/Li Argon Borosilicate
Lutetium Lu 336 L233-71NB Neon Borosilicate 3UAX/Lu 5UA/Lu Argon UV glass
Magnesium Mg 285.2 L233-12NU Neon UV glass 3QNY/Mg 5QN/Mg Neon Quartz
Manganese Mn 279.5 L233-25NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Mn 5UN/Mn Neon UV glass
Molybdenum Mo 313.3 L233-42NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Mo 5UN/Mo Neon UV glass
Sodium Na 589 L233-11NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Na 5UN/Na Neon UV glass
Niobium Nb 334.4 L233-41NB Neon Borosilicate 3UAX/Nb 5UA/Nb Argon UV glass
Neodymium Nd 492.5 L233-60NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Nd 5BN/Nd Neon Borosilicate
Nickel Ni 232 L233-28NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Ni 5QN/Ni Neon Quartz
Osmium Os 290.9 L233-76NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Os 5UN/Os Neon UV glass
Phosphorous P 213.6 n/a     3QNY/P 5QN/P Neon Quartz
Lead Pb 217 L233-82NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Pb 5QN/Pb Neon Quartz
Palladium Pd 247.6 L233-46NQ Neon Quartz 3UNX/Pd 5UN/Pd Neon UV glass
Praseodymium Pr 495.1 L233-59NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Pr 5BN/Pr Neon Borosilicate
Platinum Pt 265.9 L233-78NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Pt n/a Neon UV glass
Rubidium Rb 780 L233-37NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Rb 5BN/Rb Neon Borosilicate
Rhenium Re 346.1 L233-75NB Neon Borosilicate 3UAX/Re 5UA/Re Argon UV glass
Rhodium Rh 343.5 L233-45NB Neon Borosilicate 3UAX/Rh 5UA/Rh Argon UV glass
Ruthenium Ru 349.9 L233-44NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Ru 5UN/Ru Neon UV glass
Antimony Sb 217.6 L233-51NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Sb 5QN/Sb Neon Quartz
Scandium Sc 391.2 L233-21NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Sc 5UN/Sc Neon UV glass
Selenium Se 196 L233-34NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Se 5QN/Se Neon Quartz
Silicon Si 251.6 L233-14NU Neon UV glass 3QNY/Si 5QN/Si Neon Quartz
Samarium Sm 429.7 L233-62NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Sm 5UN/Sm Neon UV glass
Tin Sn 224.6 L233-50NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Sn 5QN/Sn Neon Quartz
Strontium Sr 460.7 L233-38NB Neon Borosilicate 3BAX/Sr 5BA/Sr Argon Borosilicate
Tantalum Ta 271.5 L233-73NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Ta 5UN/Ta Neon UV glass
Terbium Tb 432.7 L233-65NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Tb 5BN/Tb Neon Borosilicate
Tellurium Te 214.3 L233-52NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Te 5QN/Te Neon Quartz
Thorium Th 371.9 n/a     3UNX/Th 5UN/Th Neon UV glass
Titanium Ti 365.4 L233-22NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Ti 5UN/Ti Neon UV glass
Thallium Tl 276.8 L233-81NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/Tl 5UN/Tl Neon UV glass
Thulium Tm 371.8 L233-69NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Tm 5UN/Tm Neon UV glass
Uranium U 358.5 n/a     3UAX/U 5UA/U Argon UV glass
Vanadium V 318.5 L233-23NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/V 5UN/V Neon UV glass
Tungsten W 255.1 L233-74NU Neon UV glass 3UNX/W 5UN/W Neon UV glass
Ytterbium Y 410.2 L233-70NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Yb 5UN/Yb Neon UV glass
Yttrium Yb 398.8 L233-39NB Neon Borosilicate 3BNX/Y 5UN/Yb Neon UV glass
Zinc Zn 213.9 L233-30NQ Neon Quartz 3QNY/Zn 5QN/Zn Neon Quartz
Zirconium Zr 360.1 L233-40NB Neon Borosilicate 3UNX/Zr 5UN/Zr Neon UV glass